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Morning and Evening 7/28

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Morning: The foolish and the Faithful

We can go away from this mornings blog with a feeling of foolishness. Foolishness, because our willful sin provides pleasures that are fleeting at best, and yet we fall. But, we can also go away from this mornings blog full of faith in the work of the Faithful Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. We may fall, and therefore make manifest our foolishness, but God stays faithful. We can say, confinently with David

Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel.


Evening: Blessed are those who do His word

I’m a visual kind of guy. For example, if you tell me how to do something you’ll end up coming back to check on things, and find me ruining whatever you told me to do. You’re going to have to show me, and then you’ll see that I won’t be needing it explained further. I love that our Lord Jesus Christ didn’t just tell us how to live…but showed us. He is our great example that we can live by. I praise God for showing me how to go out and do good, to die to myself daily, so that His name might be glorified. Jesus’ love was personal, and therefore, we are to be personal with one another. There is no greater whitness than this, because it is a direct view into the heart of our savior. So when sharing Christ share Him, the truth, with a personal love.

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