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Morning & Evening 8/29

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Good Morning & Evening
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What a wonderful point of praise this morning. To ponder the size of the storehouse of God’s mercy. Will it one day run dry like a grain silo in the bitter cold of winter? Will it’s aquifer recede and the well run dry to the bottom leaving us to experience what we deserve for our sin, the full and complete wrath of God? Let us kindle our souls to praise this morning rejoicing that God’s mercy is inexhaustible waiting to be gracious to us, “to restore our backslidings, and make our broken bones rejoice”!

I have always loved the story about William Carey and his grave inscription and here it is as our guide to God’s mercy this morning. In reading this inscription I am reminded that I see the great worth in the mercy of God only when I realize my actual state before his righteous majesty. My sin and my guilt before him are more than wounds but rather the death of my soul would it not be for his gift. Mercy so free.
I rejoice with William Carey this morning that though my sin makes me a poor wretched worm, I too shall thankfully fall on His mercifully kind arms of grace.

And it is this kind of rejoicing that makes our evening devotion a lighter course to walk.

This evening we are encouraged to not just take the high road but rather secure our efforts by only driving when the sun is shining.

Spurgeon’s example of the cracked dam that starts to leak gave me the most vivid picture of the beginnings of sin. When examined, almost every sin in my life could be led back to some minuscule temptation that went overlooked. And little by little that small temptation led me down a path to sin.

May we learn from this example here in Numbers 6:4 a way to galvanize our spiritual lives. Especially in a generation where people love to date sin and temptation on a regular basis falling pray to lukewarmness.

Strict walking is much despised in these days, but rest assured, dear reader, it is both the safest and the happiest.

Our society seems to be onlooking with a stone to cast at the careful Christian as though they were some group of neomonastics. But let us fear not, trust in His protection, not be conformed to this world and instead reap the benefit of a path to righteousness.

May you rejoice this evening Christian, for His mercy endures forever!

-jeff paisano

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