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Morning and Evening 09/01

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Morning:“Thou shalt guide me with Thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.” – Psalm 73:24

Read! I must say to thee, read! It is such an easy task to take up, but yet for so many it is a daily struggle.

What were the mariner without his compass? And what were the Christian without the Bible? This is the unerring chart, the map in which every shoal is described

How must the children of God be guided by His perfect grace? It is in His word that He has given us so that we may walk in His paths of righteousness. It is a plot of the enemy to keep us from this because without the word of God close to our hearts we tend to start looking to our inward selves for guidance and God help us that depravity and wickedness would be our guide, it will fail us every time. If you are struggling to find the strength within yourself or the motivation to grow in His word just pray that the Holy Spirit would give you the desire. Pray that He would fasten your heart to His word and that He would give you the strength to pick up His holy book and come to know His promises.

We must also remember that it is not just our minds that should be guided by His counsel but every member of our bodies should be consecrated to Him. Our eyes, ears, hand and feet should seek His guidance and pray that the Holy Spirit would take charge of them and lead them into glory. Daily seek His face with studying His word, receive His guidance by searching the scriptures and know that He will not lead you astray and will receive you into His glory.

Evening: “Trust in Him at all times.” – Psalm 62:8

We are to simply rely entirely upon the Lord at all times.

He is our strength and shield who will protect us daily.

He [is] a shield to all who trust in Him. – 2 Samuel 22:31

The world will wash away like the tides of day and its idols will be blown into nothing with the slightest breeze but Jesus Christ will reward us with eternal life.

Let him not trust in futile [things], deceiving himself, For futility will be his reward. – Job 15:31

The Lord knows those who trust in Him and He who started a good work in you will be faithful to keep it.

And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You. – Psalm 9:10

Even in all of our daily events, may them seem small to us we must trust upon the Lord for them just as Paul trusted that Timothy would make it safely by the hand of God.

But I trust in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you shortly, that I also may be encouraged when I know your state. – Philippians 2:19

It must be in the fore front of our minds to know that without Him we can accomplish nothing so we must put our trust and faith fully upon the cross and believe that He works everything together for good. Our family, career, safety and salvation must all be put into His hands by faith and trust in His unchanging word.

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