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Morning and Evening: 09/02

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I am reminded this morning that “the tender heart of Jesus waits to hear our griefs, let us pour them into His patient ear.” When we are sick… how often do we seek the Lord in prayer as more of a “last resort” after our “normal” remedies have failed? And when we do finally lay our current burdens at His feet… do we trust in His sovereign, providential hand? The truth is… God can and does heal!
And nobody heals quite like our God…

Have you any sickness in the house this morning? You will find Jesus by far the best physician, go to Him at once and tell Him all about the matter. Immediately lay the case before Him. It concerns one of His people, and therefore will not be trivial to Him. Observe, that at once the Saviour restored the sick woman; none can heal as He does.

It sounds silly, but I believe that one reason we wait to go before our God in prayer is because of our pride. We believe we have the answer to our problem and want to take a shot at it before we “give up” and ask the Lord for help. Now we may not say that out load… but we think it. Humility is at the heart of prayer… especially when we are in need.

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:6-7)

For tonight’s evening devotion I feel like copying the entire thing and pasting it here. What he said so long ago… applies so perfectly now. Unfortunately, it not only applies to the world but the church as well. People want to be visually and emotionally “wowed” by God. But I agree with Spurgeon when he says, “Is not the gospel its own sign and wonder?”

I pray that God would graciously never allow RBC to be known as a church that seeks “signs and wonders”. I pray that we would be known as a gospel, Christ centered church. One that views Jesus Christ and his gospel as glorious and worthy of all praise!! A church that never finds gospel truth as anything short of amazing and miraculous!
Spurgeon’s exhortation and rebuke is timely…

A truthful Saviour ought to be believed. He is truth itself. Why will you ask proof of the veracity of One who cannot lie? The devils themselves declared Him to be the Son of God; will you mistrust Him?

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