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Morning and Evening September 8th

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As a young boy, we were blessed with a plum tree that produced more fruit than we knew what to do with. We would pick dozens and dozens of plums every week and give them away daily to neighbors and friends. The tree received water and sun light, and the fruit poured forth.

I pray that my life, and yours, would overflow with the fruit of the Spirit that is sourced in God alone. I can find myself according to God’s will for my life, sitting under the “Son” and “watered by the water of the Word”, but I depend upon God alone to cause the fruit to come forth.

I am certain that your hope and prayer is that your life would produce much fruit…according to God’s enabling. Pray, and pray, and pray; feast on God’s Word; find yourself in fellowship with other believers through church…and depend upon God to cause fruit to come forth from you by the dozens. He is faithful, He also will do it!

This evening’s devotion causes my heart to overflow with thanksgiving! I was dead in my sins, unable to do anything to quicken myself to follow Christ. While still dead in my sins, the Holy Spirit quickened me by His almighty power to bring me to faith in Christ Jesus. As Spurgeon says, “all quickening power proceeds from the Holy Ghost.” I thank God that He saved my solely because of His sovereign love and grace. All the glory goes to Christ; He has called me; He has saved me; He will keep me to the end. With the same power that raised Christ from the dead…I am made alive in Christ. As a believer in Christ, please join me today in responding with heartfelt thanksgiving and adoration.

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