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Morning and Evening 09/25

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Morning: “Just, and the justifier of him which believeth.” — Romans 3:26

A single excerpt from Spurgeon this morning had really caught my attention and I found myself reading it several times over.

God must change His nature before one soul, for whom Jesus was a substitute, can ever by any possibility suffer the lash of the law.

The immutability of God is an awesome truth, for His mind, plan and characteristics have been constant since the beginning. We can have complete assurance that we the elect, the chosen, the predestined will never feel the sting of death and darkness of hell but instead having been justified by faith in Jesus Christ will be received into heavenly paradise. The only way God’s children would suffer His wrath is He would have to suddenly change His mind. Impossible! For scripture declares that the Lord will never change. Christ has died for us to completely wash the crimson stain away and He is the rock in which we can stand. It has been finished and we the once depraved sinner has been justified by the Justifier.

For in that “God hath made Him to be sin for us who knew no sin,” justice has full satisfaction; and in that “we are made the righteousness of God in Him,” mercy has her heart’s delight!

“Who of God is made unto us wisdom.” — 1 Corinthians 1:30

This evenings reading brings to our attention a major tool that Satan has used and is using even today among the church to take the simplicity of the cross away and infuse it with philosophy and higher intellectual knowledge. One of my favorite excerpts from a Spurgeon sermon is:

My friend the philosopher, says it may be very well for me to urge people to read the Bible; but he thinks there are a great many sciences far more interesting and useful than theology. Extremely obliged to you for your opinion, sir. What science do you mean? The science of dissecting beetles and arranging butterflies? “No,” you say, “certainly not.” The science, then, of arranging stones, and telling us of the strata of the earth? “No, not exactly that.” Which science then? “Oh, all sciences,” say you, “are better than the science of the Bible.” Ah! Sir, that is your opinion; and it is because you are far from God, that you say so. But the science of Jesus Christ is the most excellent of sciences. Let no one turn away from the Bible because it is not a book of learning and wisdom. It is. Would ye know astronomy? It is here; it tells you of the Sun of Righteousness and the star of Bethlehem. Would you know botany? It is here; it tells you of the plant of renown – the Lily of the Valley, and the Rose of Sharon. Would you know geology and mineralogy? You shall learn it here; for you may read of the Rock of Ages, and the White Stone with the name engraven thereon, which no man knoweth saving he receiveth it.

Do not let culture tell you that there is more powerful knowledge in other places or to be an intellectual is to be closer to God. We Christians have the real knowledge, the knowledge of God which preaches the gospel and saves souls. Do not let anything pull you away from the simplicity of the cross for all we have to know is Christ and Him crucified is the way unto salvation.

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