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Morning and Evening: 09/30

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There’s something instilled deep within each and every one of us that forces us to scream with excitement upon exhilaration. In fact at this time of year it can be felt by 100,000 screaming fans on a Saturday at a college football game or through the city streets during the parade of a victorious World Series baseball team. We’re prone to worship. 
Several times in Scripture we find angelic beings nearly reprimanding a human for falling to their knees in worship. Immediately they point out that they are not God and ask the person before them to quickly rise to their feet. It seems as though that we are not as quick to fall down before God in worship. Though if we were physically before him then that would change. Then again, we are in his presence all day long but how many of us can keep that in the fore-front of our minds? God help us to live before the face of Christ at all times. 
A line drive down the line to score the winning run would cause me to leap to my feet in standing ovation but what would elicit the same type of excitement for God? When we do have such inexpressible joy we contain it because we’re uncomfortable with the enthusiasm of our pentecostal brethren. But it doesn’t always have to be outward signs. Looking at the verse from the morning devotion, the Psalmist says, “Sing the glory of his name, give to him glorious praise.” (Psalm 66:2) He identifies this form of excitement as singing but then broadens it to giving praise meaning that it should transfer from words to action. However, it is “glorious praise” not cold recital and repetition. Hey, guess what- some animation and passion is required to indicate that we are alive! So, let not our lips be close to him and our hearts so far away. If I can draw near and truly worship God because he is majestic and worthy of worship (my life on bended knee) on his own merit alone then I am on the path to a God-saturated life. That’s a trail I’d prefer to ride!

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