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Morning and evening 10/9

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Do not, I beseech thee, give up seeking or trusting my Master, because thou hast not yet obtained the conscious joy which thou longest for. Cast thyself on him, and perseveringly depend even where thou canst not rejoicingly hope.

Many times we will not get the response we expect from our Savior; many times when we think we need some kind of feeling, or sign, or just some kind of indication that He is there we’ll get silence. Tonight’s devotion is comforting for those getting “the silent treatment” from God. And it’s a comfort to know that when God is silent that He is doing it for a purpose, and at that time in our spiritual walk it’s what our heart needs. I take comfort that when my feelings of peace and comfort aren’t present I can rest in the fact that my God is near no matter what, and that those feelings and comforts will come about in His perfect timing.

God bless, and sorry for the late post.

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