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April 9, 2009 Morning and Evening 4.09 [popup url=”http://blb.org/devotionals/me/view.cfm?Date=04/09&body”]» Today’s reading at Blue Letter Bible[/popup] Before I begin, I am overwelmed with joy as today my parents will be celebrating 35 years of marriage. In a worldly view where marriage doesn’t mean much anymore, but as Christians, 1
February 22, 2009 Morning and Evening: 2.22 [popup url=”http://blb.org/devotionals/me/view.cfm?Date=02/22&body”]» Today’s reading at Blue Letter Bible[/popup] My Dear Brothers and Sisters,Please forgive the tardiness of this entry as God is showing me patience with my sweet daughter Sienna. The night was long as she was up every hour, 1
January 5, 2009 Morning and Evening: 01/05 [popup url=”http://blb.org/devotionals/me/view.cfm?Date=01/05&body”]» Today’s reading at Blue Letter Bible[/popup] Good Morning! This morning Charles has brought us to ponder one of the great contrasts found in scripture, the contrast of darkness and light. Throughout scripture we see this contrast used as 1
May 13, 2008 Reverence ‘n Awe’s First Posting Welcome to the first posting on the Reverence ‘n Awe, a blog of Reverence Bible Church. We desire to talk about the LORD (God the Father, God the Son–Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit), theology, religion, church-life, culture and 0