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June 18, 2009 Salvation The following reading, Salvation, is adapted from F.E. Marsh’s 500 Bible Readings1. What is comprehended in the most comprehensive word “salvation”? The following acrostic will indicate, in some small degree, Salvation. Salvation Changes Us   From To S Sin (Mat 0
June 11, 2009 Who I Am in Christ My Position in Christ I have been delivered from the power of darkness and conveyed into the kingdom of the Jesus Christ. (Col 1:13) I currently possess redemption, the forgiveness of sin, through the blood of Jesus. (Col 1:14) I 0
June 11, 2009 Salvation in All Tenses The Greek verb used in relation to salvation is used in past (perfect), present and future tenses in the Greek. Perfect: Mk 5:34; 10:52; Lk 7:50; 8:48; 17:19; 18:12; Ac 4:9; Eph 2:5-8 Present: Act 2:47; 27:20; 1 Cor 1:18; 0
June 5, 2009 Christ’s Passion The following reading, Christ’s Passion, is from F.E. Marsh’s 1000 Bible Study Outlines1. The passion of His atoning death is ever the secret and soul of the Gospel. It speaks of: Sin’s hindrance removed—Heb. 9:26. Sin’s guilt answered for—Heb. 2:17. 0
June 5, 2009 Christ’s Message on Being Saved The following reading, Christ’s Message on Being Saved, is from F.E. Marsh’s 1000 Bible Study Outlines1. The pages of the New Testament ring with the word “saved. ” Christ’s message was, “That ye might be saved” (John 5:34). He said 0
March 4, 2009 Faith and Regeneration John Piper has a new book, Finally Alive on various aspects of regeneration. Piper has made some startling comments (at least to me) on the relationship between faith and regeneration. Why are they startling? Because knowing Piper’s strong Calvinism theology, 0
February 2, 2009 Extent of the Atonement Dr. Bruce Ware postulates a position on the extent of the atonement which he calls Un/limited Atonement or Multiple Intentions View . Dr. Ware represents this as the Four Point Calvinist Position. God’s intentions in the death of Christ are 0
January 30, 2009 The Necessity of Belief Following are some Scriptures indicating the neccessity of belief for salvation. I do not believe this applies to those individuals who for mental or physical reasons cannot exercise faith, for example, mentally incapable, infants, etc. 0
January 30, 2009 Certainty of Assurance I was listening to John MacArthur’s sermons on The Certainty of Assurance (Part 1, Part 2) and he made a comment near the end of Part 1 that was thought provoking. To know God, to know Christ is to be 0
January 27, 2009 Saved and Kept I was reading the book Saved and Kept by F.B. Meyer. One of the chapters caught my interest. I thought it would be a good devotional/teaching possibility. The outline below isn’t directly from the chapter, but what inspired me to 0