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Update: Resuming Services on Campus

May 30th, 2020

Dear Reverence Bible Church Family,

We pray that the Lord is blessing you all and that you are continuing to be encouraged and ministered to through all of the avenues the Lord has provided over the past few months that we have not been able to meet in person. There continues to be strong unity that we share as the Body of Christ and through our assurance together in the Gospel. At the same time, I know we all miss each other and the joy we find in seeing one another each week.

Our government authorities have issued recent provisions for churches to meet corporately again. We are making every effort to institute the necessary changes so that we can worship the Lord together at the church. Aside from the government, with an even higher degree of urgency, we desire for every church member to be cared for well and that we provide an environment that is safe and inviting to everybody who comes through the doors of our church. As we move towards regathering, we need a little more time to help ensure that we do this well in every aspect. Our hope is that we will be able to have as many people as possible at church for the first week of June. We will send out a confirmation by next Friday prior to our Sunday, June 7th worship service.

As of now, we have run wire from the sanctuary to the amphitheater and the upper deck mezzanine area under the patio cover. Our plan is to have two large screens on the upper deck for church members to watch the service on the church campus but with plenty of space and fresh air around each individual, couple, or family for safety. We will also have the sanctuary open utilizing every other pew row with ushers helping to make sure ample space is between congregants. We will have plenty of chairs in each of these areas. We have a 3rd screen that will be utilized in either the upper youth room or in the courtyard based on the need. The worship services will also continue to be streamed online for those who still prefer to stay at home. Those who are at high risk or are still not comfortable at this time to be around others will be missed and we pray you all know that you are loved by us all.

We recognize that within our body there is a wide spectrum of concerns about the COVID19 virus. We continue to be blessed by the great concern and love that each member has for one another. At this time, we do not intend to have Sunday school for the children but we ask that parents sit with their children at the appropriate place on campus based on the age of the children. We plan to shorten the service for the time being for the sake of the children and potential heat outside. More details will be coming as we consider how this will work in the best possible way. We also plan to have hand sanitizing stations set up around the church campus. We will research the best practices and recommendations for face coverings and lay out the plan prior to our first regathering service.

With most churches moving in this direction it has become difficult to get all of the necessary technical devices to aid in regathering as a church. We hope that everything comes in by the end of next week and that we will be able to test all the venues to make sure they are a blessing to you all. We also ask for your patience as we proceed in preparing for Sunday worship services as some of the viewing locations may take more time to implement and perfect for the best possible experience.

Please send any questions you might have to info@reverencechurch.org and the elders will address those questions in a live forum this Sunday night, May 31st, at 6:00pm streamed from our website. We pray that this will provide more clarity and give the church leadership the ability to address and act upon the concerns of the church body.

It is a great blessing to think our regathering will begin as early as next Sunday. We look forward to you joining us again as we study Joshua chapter nine this Sunday morning at 10:00am as we stream live from the Reverence Bible Church sanctuary.

In His Sovereign Grace,

Reverence Bible Church Elders