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One Mission

All the ministries at Reverence share a common mission statement:

To Glorify Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Christ is glorified when His people use the gifts He has given each believer for the building up of one another. We believe intimate Christian fellowship is essential for any church to function properly. As Christ builds Reverence Bible Church, we pray that He would glorify Himself as we gather frequently for sweet and profitable fellowship!

To promote fellowship and the growth of each individual in the church body we have many different ministries at Reverence. We believe passionately in the centrality of our Lord Jesus Christ in the life of the individual believer and within the church. Therefore, we seek to glorify Him in our lives, through: Bible study, praise, evangelism, and fellowship. From Children’s ministry to missions, there are many different avenues to help our body in serving, growing, and worshiping God together while blessing one another.

Likewise, there are many avenues for using the gifts that God has given each of us and we see this through the many different ministries at Reverence Bible Church. It is our hope that the members of Reverence will get involved in these specific ministries to help in their individual spiritual growth and also grow together as a healthy strengthened body of Christ enabled to serve the church and the local communities. So, if you feel God putting a call on your heart to serve in any of these ministries, please contact the ministry leader for more information about how you can get involved.