22081 Hidalgo, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Sunday 10AM

Young Adults

Christian community is key during the volatile, transitional years of young adulthood.  This season marks the crossroads where independence challenges and solidifies the worldview, where the pace of one’s spiritual walk is set.

The Young Adult Ministry desires to equip the mind and heart of young adults to follow Jesus in their every-day life, understanding who they are in Christ; that they have a purpose designed by Him for his use and ultimate glory.

As a ministry at Reverence, we exist to worship together, engage in the Truth of God’s Word, fellowship in community, grow in discipleship and prayer, and glorify God together with the gifts God has given us.

Come join us every Friday at 7:00pm.  We also meet for various events, service projects, and an annual retreat.

Contact Matthew Logan or Madi Hurst for details and more information at:  Matthew Logan: (714) 906 – 4728  &  Madi Hurst: (949) 456 – 7034