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Community Groups



Why Community Groups?

Community Groups at Reverence Bible Church were created to build community in our church and glorify Christ where appointed leaders continue to shepherd the flock through a deeper study of God’s Word.  This year they are going through John MacArthur’s study book on Genesis 1-11.

What is the Vision for Small Groups?

In accordance with the vision of Reverence Bible Church to have each of our congregants be edified and equipped, as well as be found treasuring Jesus above all else, we view small groups as an effective instrument to carry that vision to the flock and assist us all “to live in such harmony with one another…that together [we] may, with one voice, glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Rom 15:5-6)

What is the Mission for Community Groups?

The purpose of Community Groups is not to be a support or counseling group, nor are they to be a seminary level bible study group. The mission of each Community Group will be to become a Christ-centered fellowship designed to intentionally stimulate discipleship within our gospel community in smaller settings through the study of Scripture. These smaller group settings would not only allow our Elders to shepherd more effectively (that is, to know, live with, feed, protect, and grow the flock), but would also allow the rest of the Saints at Reverence to use their individual gifts to encourage, exhort, and build up the body from within. (cf Phil 2:1-4 / Acts 2:42-46)

**If you have any questions or wish to sign up and be a part of a Community Group, please contact Adam Stephen at communitygroups@reverencechurch.org